Welcome to TGB Homeschool!

Welcome to TGB Homeschool!

by | Sep 26, 2020 | Chit Chat

You’ll find interviews with leading experts in the field, parents who are seasoned classical homeschoolers, products of classical homeschool, and so much more here. Homeschooling has been a way for many families to educate their children how they see fit. It’s a choice, and it’s one that parents and guardians take to heart. Our goal is to provide valuable information on homeschooling the classical way. Join us and subscribe so you never miss a podcast! Happy Teaching, Meg

Welcome to TGB Homeschool 

Homeschooling has become more and more common, especially with the global pandemic.   whether you’ve chosen this path as a family decision or you’re on this schooling from home path because of the global pandemic we’re all in this together

And just the thought of homeschooling can be overwhelming and feel like an added stress to our already busy life. But I can tell you this homeschooling is freeing and together. We will discover how.

 Hi and welcome. To Truth, Goodness and Beauty Homeschool. I’m your host, Meg Jensen – former kindergarten teacher turned homeschool mom to two. And this is the podcast that supports you in beginning and refining your technique as you grow in the classical homeschooling method. You’ll find weekly episodes featuring experts in the classical homeschool field. I’m thrilled that you’re here right from the start.

And I can promise you, you will not be disappointed. We have some incredible guests lined up, including Kate snow from math facts that stick and math with confidence. Andrew Pudewa from IEW. Susan Wise Bauer from well-trained mind, press legendary storyteller and voice for story of the world and more Jim Weiss, Missy Andrew’s from the center for lit and so many more.

 So be sure to subscribe now. So, you don’t miss an episode when we post them. In the meantime, you can actually get out access to our free sponsor deal. Right now, from audible. Audible is the leading provider of spoken word entertainment and audio books.

As a listener of the truth, goodness and beauty homeschooled podcast, you will get the opportunity to have a free 30-day trial and you’ll get one free credit. Two, if you’re a prime member for any premium selection that you like, yours to keep. You’ll also get access to the audible plus catalog of podcasts, audio books, guided wellness, and audible originals. To claim this free 30-day trial and free credits. Simply go to audibletrial.com/homeschool

We will air the first three episodes together on October 1st, so that you can get access to the content that is going to support you and your family in homeschooling right away. We’re so excited to join you while you have a cup of coffee, a little drive, or wherever you go to have your quiet time.

So, until then be sure to subscribe and happy teaching.



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